Advantages of Light Steel Villa Houses

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The light steel structure villa is a structure made of steel as a material to be a force-bearing member. Steel structure villa residences are valued by all parties due to their light weight, low foundation cost, suitable for weak foundations, easy installation, fast construction, short cycle, fast investment recovery, less pollution to the environment, and good seismic performance.

Taking advantage of the high strength of steel, the design can be designed with large bays, so that the building plane can be reasonably separated, flexible and convenient, and create an open house. The traditional structure (brick-concrete structure, concrete structure) restricts the freedom of space layout due to the nature of the material. In the past, the openings were usually 3.2 meters, 3.4 meters, and 3.6 meters. , The phenomenon of "fat beams and fat columns" not only affects the appearance, but also increases its own weight and increases the cost. Buyers often change the position of the wall by themselves during the second decoration, which increases hidden dangers.

Steel structure villas have light weight on building floors with the same building area. According to comparison, the weight of a six-story light steel structure villa residence is only equivalent to the weight of a four-story brick-concrete structure residence. Moreover, steel is ductile and can better consume the energy brought by earthquakes, so it has good seismic performance and high structural safety.

The light steel structure villa components can be manufactured in factories and installed on site. Due to the small amount of on-site work and less pollution to the surrounding environment, at the same time, the high degree of construction mechanization speeds up the construction speed. According to statistics, for buildings of the same area, steel structure villas can shorten the construction period by one-third compared with concrete structures, and can save formwork materials.

The construction technology of light steel structure low-rise houses evolved on the basis of North American style wood structure construction technology. After more than 100 years of development, it has formed a mature construction with excellent physical properties, flexible space and shape, easy construction, and various forms. system. In the North American continent, which is known as a good living environment in the world, more than 95% of low-rise civil buildings, including houses, shopping malls, schools, office buildings, etc., are constructed with wood or light steel structures (even our neighbors Japan and South Korea) ). North American wood structures and light steel structures have advantages in the entire construction market. At present, with the steadily rising wood prices, the market development of light steel structure systems in North America is growing rapidly at a growth rate of over 30%, and is gradually being widely accepted by the market. At the same time, it has been widely adopted in Japan (which became the KC system in Japan), South Korea, and Australia.

Advantages of Light Steel Villa Houses
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