Examples of light steel villa houses

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Today, I will share a villa with a compact layout, warm and comfortable, this kind of warm natural wind, I feel very relaxed when I enter the home.

Basic Information

Open: 8.7 meters
Depth: 14.7 meters
Area: 130.68 square meters
Building area: 268.02 square meters
Structure: prefabricated structure

Design Notes

The exquisite appearance of the two-story villa, the upper part of the wall is fresh light yellow, and the outer wall of the first floor is dark. The main consideration is the dirt resistance, which is in line with the living habits of rural families. Entering the house on the steps, the vision is broad, highlighting the extraordinary taste of the host.

The overall appearance of the villa is simple and elegant, the color is fresh and elegant, the room scale is designed appropriately, the space utilization rate is high, the kitchen and bathroom are bright, and each use space has better lighting and ventilation. The decoration style is warm and simple, showing the harmony of family style.

Examples of light steel villa houses
Examples of light steel villa houses
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