Combination Modular House

Combination modular house products apply prelabricated building technology, take stee structure as the main structure, and adopt integrated design.Factory production, assembly construction, integrated decoration, production and completion of building modules with full decoration in the factory,Quick assembly on site completed. The product system is rich in complete modules,which can be grouped without changing module size A variety of residential family plan, to mee the user's different use needs, building module design, so that itlt ean be ransported by standard sea and land of container, which is convenient and fast to transport and load all over the world, convenient and reliable. The assembly process reduces the technical threshold of installation and construction and lays a good foundationfor promoting the prefab construction industry.


1.Convenience of transportation
The product reference is used for the inner diameter dimension of the container container. It can be completely loaded into standard containers to reduce collision damage. Protect its appearance or decorative materials and internal science. Other large items that exceed the size of the container size can only choose a frame box or a bulk ship during shipping. The transportation costs of the two are relatively high, and the transportation costs of the road are even more than the price of the house. And the period is unstable, less route is unfavorable, so the standard freight based on container ship is the best solution.

2. Diversity of schemes
Through multiple element modules; combined into a variety of residential space) energy units. Such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, restaurants and living rooms, etc. Owners can use their own needs. Personalized combination schemes · Quickly develop residential solutions from Terace.

3. Richness of decoration
The decoration plates of the house inside the house are constructed with a dry operating method, and the forming material style is very rich. According to the preferences of the owners, flexible matching materials. Creating a comfortable living environment.

Element and form

This series of projects have designed the following five basic modules, in order to make it easy to transport with a t , we refer to the size of the container and design.

Using the five element modules of A, B, C, D.E, combines the module units of each function space in residential buildings.

The relationship between five modules

Module X-Module B * 2-Module D2-Module E Module - Module C * 2-Module E
Module C-module B * 2
Module D- Module C * 2

Display of all Element Modules

Design each set of elements modules in a variety of solutions.

Since the size of each element is based on 1125 mm. Therefore, the elements can be combined with each other and safe and convenient.


The design is based on the inner diameter sizes of the container. It has a set of suitable module sizes, so that all architectural modules can be easily assembled and transported, refer to the structural system of the container, and design the structure of the module requirements, and improved in the original structure. It meets the needs of residential buildings such as assembly, heat preservation, waterproof, and beautiful.

All product parts of the building module are produced using weather-resistant steel materials. After welding processing in the factory workshop, after the main structural frame is completed, protect the paint spraying, dry after drying, the overall decoration of the room, the decoration process is carried out, Convenient future maintenance and repair, reduce the work of the work in the construction site, the work is set up in the factory prefabrication, so that the construction site has become simple and clean, so the assembly building project will greatly reduce the construction cycle of the project.

Structure and Material

Roof,Top angle,Outdoor Wall Panel,Foot angle,Floor,Foot Beam,Inner wall panel,Top Beam

Structure and Material


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