EPS Sandwich Panel

In building and construction, these EPS Sandwich Panel products designed for use as building envelopes. They appear in industrial and office buildings, in clean and cold rooms and also in private houses, whether renovation or new-build. They combine a high-quality product with high flexibility regarding design. They generally have a good energy-efficiency and sustainability.In packaging, applications include fluted polypropylene boards and polypropylen-e honeycomb boards.According to its application, sandwich panels can be divided into two categories:wall panel and roof panel.

1.The sandwich structure, The middle is widely excellent heat insulation material EPS ,
outstanding heat insulation and also sound insulation.usage are more widely.
2.The top is APVC sheet with its product features of corrosion resistance, weather resistance and etc.
3.Bottom side is flat sheet or other low cost material can be combination. Adjustable control costs.

Sandwich Panel has the advantages of beautiful atmosphere, energy saving and heat preservation and long life.
It is widely used steel structure warehouse/workshop, fire prevention workshop, activity board room, chicken house,in cold storage room, fresh storage room, various purification rooms, air conditioning room, etc.

What is sandwich panel?

Sandwich panel is any structure made of three layers: a low-density core, and a thin skin-layer(aluminum sheet) bonded to each side.

Core material of sandwich panel?

Like the food sandwich ,sandwich panel also has kinds of core material to choose.Considering the functionality of the sandwich board, its core is mainly fireproof materials, sound insulation
hydrophobic material etc.Our factory could supply more than 8 kinds of materials for customer
to choose:EPS/XPS/PU/MGO/rock wool/glass fiber/eps cement/aluminm honeycomb.For more core material,we also accept customized.

EPS Thickness
Metal sheet thickness
Effective width
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